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How Do We Work?

1. Creative Design

In the first step, we create creative patterns specially designed for you. We turn your dream design into reality with our professional team.

2. Quality Printing

We print your design in high quality with state-of-the-art digital printing machines. We work diligently to ensure that every detail is perfect.

3. Fast and Safe Delivery

After your printing is completed, we deliver your products to you as soon as possible and safely. Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us.

Why Chouse Us?

Personalize Your Elevator Interiors

Special Design Solutions

Elevate your elevator interiors with custom digital prints that blend seamlessly with your brand's image and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Exceptional Quality and Durability

Using advanced printing techniques, our designs are produced for exceptional quality and longevity.

Wide Design Options

Explore our 150+ unique designs to suit different style needs and preferences.

Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Körpe Dijital Baskı
Special Designs for Elevators

Aesthetic Solutions for Every Corner of Your Elevator


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about us

Young Digital Printing: High Quality, Innovative Designs

As Körpe Digital Printing, we are a digital printing company operating in Konya, specializing in elevator interior design and printing solutions. We aim to add elegance and value to your spaces by offering aesthetic, innovative and high-quality pattern prints for the floor, ceiling and side parts of elevators. Using modern technologies and superior printing techniques, we produce personalized designs specific to each project. With our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, we aim to deliver your projects on time and beyond your expectations. With our strong infrastructure and experienced team in Konya, we always offer the most up-to-date and quality solutions by closely following the innovations in the sector. As Körpe Digital Printing, we are committed to providing unique and aesthetic experiences to our valued customers by combining art and technology.